We have been making quality braided spark plug wires for Harleys and Customs since 1999. Please visit our Guest Book and see what our customers say about our wires and also visit our Gallery and see our wires on our customers bikes.

We have several different colors of braid which can all be used with either standard wire or high performance wire.View available colors
New Color GOLD XS

Standard Wire
Standard wire is 8mm suppression wire with conductive silicone core and silicone jacket. Standard wires are the same as the wires that come stock on a Harley except they are 8mm instead of 7mm. The difference in size simply means a thicker jacket.

High Performance Wire
8mm spiral wound conductor covered with fluorocarbon material for maximum fire power while still eliminating radio frequency interference (RFI)and 100% silicone inner and outer jacket.

These wires do not need to be grounded since the braid is not metal so they are compatible with electronic fuel injection. All wires are covered with a crystal clear PVC jacket to resist abrasion, most chemicals, oils, moisture, fungus, and high resistance to sunlight.
If you own a Harley Davidson and you don't see your bike listed email me, chances are I have your wires but I just didnt list it yet.
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